Gardening is one of my secret passions. I know that one day I will have my own garden which will be full of greens and lots of flowers. Till then I use my kitchen and bedroom windowsill to train my “green fingers”, and I also am growing cherry tomatoes on my balcony for 2 years already. My own grown food makes a huge difference when I’m adding them to my dish, it’s magical how from just one seed you can grow such healthy beauty.

In this post, I’ll share with you some ideas, which you can use to grow your own vitamin garden, with lots of love and a little (or moderate) watering and of course the sun (or shadow) and patience.

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Let’s start with the basics.


If you are going to use a plastic box, pay attention to its color, dark boxes in direct sunlight will heat up very fast and it will cause damage to the plant roots. It’s safer to choose light colored boxes if you’re going to place it in a sunny place.

Clay pots are more ecological and are more impervious to heat than the plastic box. Clay will absorb more water, that means you will have to water the plant more frequently.

When filling the pot or box with a soil, make sure to leave 2 centimeters free from the top, so when you will water the plant, the water won’t overflow.

Make sure to have holes at the bottom of box or pot, to let the excess water run down. Too big holes will leak through the soil, too small holes will down the plant. Fingertip-sized holes will be perfect.

Make sure to water your plant every other day with room temperature water. You can add some biological fertilizer to the water from time to time, to supply the plant with additional nutrients. For vegetables use a fertilizer which is suitable for veggies, and for flowers – fertilizer for flowers. If you’re going to grow veggies and flowers in the same box, it’s better to use fertilizer for vegetables then. Make sure to read the label for instructions.

The 4 must have gardens in your kitchen


The Salad Garden


Scallion + Salad leaf + Radish + Cherry tomatoes

This combination is your personal salad bar, the perfect combination for a green salad, just add a little bit olive oil, pepper, salt and your salad is ready to serve. These veggies will love sunlight especially tomatoes. Be patient, the tomatoes will grow a little bit slower than the rest of the veggies.

The Paradise Garden


Impatiens walleriana (Balsam) + Hanging Strawberries + Pelargonium

Strawberries in a flower garden – paradise in your own house. These plants will love a sunny place, the sun is their best friend. Water strawberries with nutrients to increase harvest.

The Herbal Garden


Yarrow + Lavender + Oregano + Sage (Salvia officinalis) + Mint

I love mint, especially in summer drinks. I’m currently growing the mint myself. Oregano is the best in soups or when making pizza. Lavender gives relaxing aroma and it’s widely used in cooking. Yarrow helps with fever, illnesses, and bruises. And last but not least the sage, amazing for meat dishes.

The Seasoning Garden


Dill + Basil + Rosemary + Parsley

The must have seasoning combination. All of these greens fits perfectly in soup. Rosemary and dill can be used when cooking fish too. For basil, my favorite is to use it on top of with Mozzarella cheese and tomato, and of course for making the famous Pesto sauce.

I want to know what you are currently growing in your kitchen garden and what is your personal must have green in the kitchen, comment down below!

Have an inspiring spring this year!


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