Before getting to signs and symptoms I would like to mention, that before using any dietary supplements or vitamins you should consult your doctor to make sure you really have some of these vitamins deficiency, do a blood test for vitamin deficiency, that way you’ll make sure what kind of vitamins you should use. If all vitamins are within the normal range on a blood test, then you should see a doctor, for example why you have a headache for more than a week or sharp pain anywhere in body and etc.
Sometimes it’s possible to improve vitamin balance by changing your diet. Try adding more veggies and try eating healthy, those burgers and pizza don’t do good to you if you eat them every day, I know, we all love pizza, everyone can eat it once in a while. The key to healthy living is a balance of everything. And sometimes to lose balance is a part of living a balanced life, for example eating pizza or drinking cola once in a while haha.

Talking from my own experience, when I was eating breadstuff, pizzas, burgers, sweets which were made of palm oil, and even pasta (macaroni), I felt tired every day. I had heart palpitations, heavy feeling in stomach and heart, dizziness, fast heartbeat, and weakness. And at that time I didn’t understand why I felt so, then I did some research and turned out it was all because of my non-balanced diet. I added more veggies, greens and started to look at food labels what it consisted of. Since then when I discovered what my body likes and doesn’t like, and stopped eating trash, I started to feel so much better, I gained much more energy and all the bad feeling and symptoms disappeared. Now, there’s no turning back, and if you’re asking if I crave those foods which I thought I can’t live off? – No! I don’t crave them because I know what it will do to my body. And there are so many healthy recipes, trust me, you won’t be starving and you’ll invest in long-term in your body and health. Let’s get into the explaining of vitamins deficiency symptoms.

A vitamin deficiency – Rough skin. Dry eyes, wrinkles around them. Respiratory diseases.

B1 vitamin deficiency – Deteriorating memory, concentration, appetite, moving coordination.

B2 vitamin deficiency – Cracked lips and mouth corners. Dry skin. Wrinkles around the mouth. Pale tongue.

B3 vitamin deficiency – Insomnia. Headache. Diarrhea. Irritated skin. Weakened psyche.

B6 vitamin deficiency – Rash. Increased sleepiness. Severe nervousness. Depression. Fluid poorly releases from the body, hard to lose weight.

B12 vitamin deficiency – Anemia. Weakness. Sore tongue.

C vitamin deficiency – Fatigue. Apathy. Bruises on the skin. Problems with teeth and gums.

E vitamin deficiency – Anemia. Leg cramps. Muscle atrophy. Loss of vitality.

Calcium deficiency – Teeth and bone diseases. Often bone fractures. Osteoporosis.

Chromium deficiency – Can gain diabetes.

Cobalt deficiency – Possible tumors. Anemia. Sore tongue. Weakness. Weight loss.

Fluorine deficiency – Abscess.

Folic Acid deficiency – Dizziness. Depressed mood. Rapid breath. Diarrhea.

Iodine deficiency – Thyroid disease. Mental problems.
Iron deficiency – Anemia. Headaches. Depressed mood. Heart palpitations. Painful lips.
Magnesium deficiency – Leg cramps. Twitching eyelids.
Manganese deficiency- The body does not absorb group B vitamins.
Copper deficiency – Anemia.
Selenium deficiency – Ill nails. Hair and teeth fall out. Inflamed skin. Possible tumors.
Silicon deficiency – Hair falls out. Nails are breaking. Inflexible and irritated skin. Acne.
Zinc deficiency – Problems with hair, nails, skin. A weakened immune system. Prostate disease.

If you have any of these symptoms that listed above, I hope you’ll find a way to cure them and be free from anything that makes you unhappy.

Be healthy, be strong, be happy!





  1. Many people have Vitamin deficiencies, yet do not necessarily show signs of symptoms. People need to learn to be PROACTIVE and incorporate the various components necessary to achieve a healthy outcome. This includes exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, hydration, quality sleep, social interaction and healthy nervous system function. If people slowly work to achieve BALANCE in these areas, the outcome is typically rewarded.
    Great post!!

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