This year we decided to celebrate Easter in Kuldiga which is a town in western Latvia. Kuldiga is one of my favorite towns in Courland. There’s something special in this historical town which never fails to impress me every time I go there. It has an ancient touch with distinctive architecture, a beautiful and peaceful river named “Alekšupīte” which flows through all the town center, and of course, let’s mention the widest waterfall in Europe – Venta Rapid, which is 2.20 meters high and 2.70 meters wide.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed from the organizational point of view. I hoped there would be more workshops and fairs, but nevertheless, I enjoyed everything I saw and was happy about the day as it was. Let me show you everything.

Talking about the architecture of Kuldiga I’ve added some pictures that attracted my eyes today. The statue of “Violinist Lida Rubene” is located at Kuldiga museum. The landscape of garden is the Kuldigas urban garden. And the bike which is mounted to the wall is in the old town walking street. See them in the slideshow below.

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Previously I mentioned the famous waterfall “Ventas Rumba” and the Alekšupīte river. See them down below.

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There was some workshop for kids, where they could create their own bunny or decorate easter eggs and much more creative things to make their event more interesting.

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The kids certainly enjoyed their day by swinging on the swings and rolling Easter eggs down the hill.

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Some Easter decorations.

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And what’s interesting, they boiled eggs in this big hearth and shared them with every visitor, but to be honest, i hoped there would be a soup in the hearth because, on every annual fair, they usually cook a very delicious soup.


There is a saying in Latvian – You always have to swing on swings in the Easter, so the mosquito won’t bite you in the summer. I hope you all had a chance to swing pretty high and had a lovely and happy easter! Take all the best you can from every day. Virtual hugs!


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