Here I am, lounging on my pretty comfy chair and writing my first blog entry. Took me 24 hours to prepare for it, but hey, better later than never. I’ve been wanting to make my own blog for a long time now. So many good days, thoughts and things I can now share with the world that I hope will be useful not only for me but for you all too.

I’ll be posting new posts whenever I feel inspired or wanting to do so. Posts will consist of everything I love to do, what made my day better, useful tips on making your living better, cooking, traveling, deep thoughts, home, fashion, spiritual life, literally anything because life is full of surprises and opportunities, even little ones, for example, journey to forest, going out with friends, meditation, anything! I won’t have a one theme blog, there are so many interesting things that are happening every day, that you can’t just put your life in one single box. No, there’s a world outside here and there is a journey to be taken and I’m taking you with me.

Oh and I love photographing, so expect lots of random photographies here too ^-^


That’s it for now, I hope you’ll have an amazing day, be awesome and smile more!



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